Monday, March 22, 2010


As promised, I did take a few pictures of Maria today. I still can't seem to get the color quite right but you'll get the idea. First, here is the vine I was working on yesterday - you can see that while the leaves are a more blue-green color, they are not really any lighter than the vine, and they should be. Fortunately Margriet has come to my rescue and is sending me some of the lighter color.   Next is the spray of flowers that took me so long to do.  It's done in a reversible cross variation that only leaves vertical lines on the back.  There were a lot of color changes but if it was regular cross I'd be carrying the thread on the back and it wouldn't have taken nearly as long.  The reversible cross is denser on the front because you've got two passes on one of the legs, so I was able to "travel" by running my thread under on the front, but it was still time-consuming.   Here are pictures of the front and the back. 

Here's a picture of my entire progress so far - still a long way to go!


  1. Susan, Welcome to the world of blogging. I saw the link to your blog on a response on Ellen's BB. I'm going to enjoy watching your progress on Maria Antoni. Beautiful sampler and the colors are wonderful.

  2. Love your blog. Will be so interested in following it and all the great pictures of your progress. Good luck with it Susan.