Friday, March 5, 2010

Things Calling My Name

I seem to have the common stitcher's problem...too many things calling my name.  I was focused on finishing Elizabeth Yeagers but now that she's done my carefully planned goals for the year have a lot of competition!  Attending the Gathering of Embroiderers got me inspired again and now I can't decide what to work on next.  I was planning on stitching Maria Antoni from The Essamplaire (I needed some bright color after Elizabeth's soft pastels) and I also wanted to get about halfway through Dorcas Haynes this year. I really want to work on the Richmond Sampler from the Gathering.  And, when I went to take German Sparrow off the big scroll bars I decided I needed to work on that again too (hence an order for more scroll bars, lol).  And then like a fool I signed up for all three of the online classes that Tricia Wilson Nguyen is offering and the Floral Glove class has already started.  I already had that kit so now I really should stitch it.  What to do, what to do???

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